On a very hot Thai summerday, I ordered a freshly pressed juice at a beach cafe. When I was handed the 2-Go Cup it had a plain plastic bag around it. The type you put your fruits in at the supermarket, with a bow tied on top of the cup for my little finger to go through so I could easily carry my cold cup with stuffed hands.

I got the idea for NIFTY because I encountered an Asian phenomenon called THE ONE FINGER RULE – being able to carry as much as possible on one finger.   

On the spot I thought WOW HOW SMART! and I instantly saw myself, in all the situations where I’ve balanced a 2-Go cup while juggling every day life.

While carrying my bag and shopping bags. While riding my bike or in the cinema with popcorn, sodas and candy…and me and my sons coats hanging over one arm.

My next thought was, but geeez that’s a lot of packaging. In that instant, I saw the shape of NIFTY before my eyes.

The Word NIFTY is English and means,  useful - functional - particularly good -skilful - effective - stylish and smart. My son and I chose to call this little smart carrier exactly that, as its a perfect fit. 

Back home in Denmark, I started observing and asking family and friends, strangers too, about their 2-Go experiences and behavior and it quickly became clear to me, that just like me, they experienced unhandiness, limitations and accidents with their 2-Go cup. 

I started noticing all the 2-Go cups, cardboard cup sleeves and carrier trays that had never made it to the trash bin. They we’re instead laying on the ground, were placed in peoples bike baskets, on electricity boxes…because they at one point had become unhandy for the people carrying them.

I became aware of the fact that none of the existing 2-Go solutions, like cardboard sleeves for heat protection and carrier trays were used more than once. Also the fact, that they were each being made for one purpose only – to heat protect or to carry 2-4 cups.

That’s massive materiel waste and a huge envoirmental  impact – this especially became clear to me the more I dived into the products and materials Life Cycle Assessments (CLA), from the point of manufacturing, shipping, usage and often ending with it being burned off or ending in a landfill. 

One easily carried fresh pressed juice started shifting my awareness on sustainability, and the more I learned – I read a lot of reports! – the more my behavior naturally started to change.

I even started taking shorter showers – which used to be my favorite Think Tank, my completely undisturbed thinking space - because I know knew the amount of water, amongst other things, that goes into creating paper and cardboard.

NIFTY is to enlighten and to create transparency for the user, as I myself had been a victim of buzz words and un-transparency. Trying to navigate in what a sustainable lifestyle is, is not easy. Yes, we have the world wide web, but we all know that googling something starts with an awareness or a thought.

3 words kept popping into my mind, REUSE, REDUCE & RECYCLE, because all the research I’d done, all reports I’d read on sustainability, unanimously agreed on that this MIND SET is what will save our planet.

And with these 3 keywords I dived into my vision of a sustainable 2-Go solution.

-A solution that minimizes huge amounts of material waste and environmental impact to our planet, due to the sustainable material choice.

 -A subtle solution, with huge effect, that due to its convenience changes human behavior – meaning, they now keep carrying their 2-Go cups all the way to a trash bin and reusing their NIFTY’s.

- A solution that creates financial savings and growth for you as a business, instead of you wasting your hard-earned money, on misunderstood sustainability…

-A solution that grabs attention in the streetscape, like if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was walking down the street.

MY mission with NIFTY is to make one of our worlds hardest trends, The 2-Go Coffee, more sustainable and profitable. All while introducing earthlings to FACTFULNESS and connecting them, one NIFTY at a time.