Made from recycle plastic ( ReLPDE ). 

Comes in standard sizes and colors (stripes).

Small - Blue - 75-80 Ø
Medium - Yellow - 80-85 Ø
Large - Red - 85-90 Ø

NIFTY's iconic shape with your branding. Can be made in different sizes.

Don’t you worry, we ship worldwide :)

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  • Uses a whopping 2.2 times less non-renewable resources.

  • Emits 3.1 times less greenhouse gasses– herein carbon emissions.

  • Emits 2.7 times less acid gasses.

  • Uses 4.7 times less water vs paper in production.

  • Recycled plastic requires 40% less energy than making the plastic or paper from scratch.

  • Lighter weighted cargo uses less fuel during transportation, and plastic ways much less that paper and cardboard. The heavier the cargo the more fuel is needed, by car, ship and airplane, which leads to a higher environmental impact.

  • The tonnage of waste is much less as plastic ways and fill way less.

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