Hey, Hi, Hello & welcome to NIFTY.

Hey, Hi, Hello & welcome to NIFTY
We’re so glad you finally came by.
Don’t worry, we understand! 
You’re busy running your cafe business, tending to everyone’s needs,
your guests, your landlords, your life partners,
kids, family and friends.
You’re here now, that's all that matters!
Please answer yes to one of the following 2 questions,
1. You're here because you know, with factfulness, that NIFTY is the smartest solution for your café or business? 
Because you can see NIFTY
-Increase your 2-Go sales & brand visibility. 
-Cut your 2-Go service costs.
-Minimize your greenhouse gas emissions, herein carbon and methane gas emissions, as you know that production of bioplastics and paper generate much bigger damage.
-change human behavior, as in have your guests reuse & reuse their carrier sleeves.
Yes? Ohh you clever you!
 WE'VE DESIGNED NIFTY with a clear purpose of, intention and encouragement
Targeting many areas, where single use 2-go cardboard sleeves and 2-go carrrier trays, are damaging to, not just your ernings, but also to our planet. 
As the production and usage of these, actually have a much higher impact on our global warming.
Please email us @ info@niftycup.com or give us a call on +45 - 78 76 88 03.
Let’s get you NIFTYFIED!
2. You're here because you can see the smartness 
but...you...just...need... a little more insight & facts on the above-mentioned benefits…
Come on now,.. we know we got you with the increase your sales bit ;)    
 Also, on why we’ve chosen recycled plastic as the most sustainable material, when most people are saying no to plastic?
Yes? We completely understand!
 Please be ever so kind and scroll further down to our NIFTY FACTS section.
We’ve put together an overview for you. The factual truths, as to why NIFTY works and on why plastic is the most sustainable solution, in our current world state, vs paper and bioproducts (which often contains actual plastic) and we’re not sugarcoating it. 
 Be ready to go “uhh I didn’t know thaaaat” ;)