• The To Go Cup sleeve with handle that helps your guests and brings them back to You.
    Why? Becuase You´re the one offering them the most handy dandy, pleasant, convininent, easy to carry and most sustainable To Go experience eeeveeer!
  • NIFTY is designed for easy carrying, With 1 cup, 2, 3,4..and more. Ideel for juicers, smoothie lovers, Ice Blend drinkers and festival go'ers!
  • It barely takes up storage space at your café and is designed with a clear intention for and purpose of reusing!
  • Yes! You read correctly! NIFTY is reusable, up to more than 10 times. You just have to treat it well ;)
  • Sustainablity while enjoying is key, dont you see!
  • Made of recyled plastic - with the purpose and intention of reducing plastic waste, of course.
  • It can *carry up to 767 gram - Tested on a full ceramic To Go Mug, however we strongly advice that it only be used on paper and plastic cups. There, it’s stated ;)
  • Measure the top of your cups and choose which colors/sizes are right for you.
  • We also offer a 100% Compostable plastic solution, made of corn starch. These we must tell you only provide a maximum amount of 2 reuses and should not be used more than that. Why? Because the composting process starts when the corn starch plastic comes in touch with microorganisms, water and oxygen. All hands have microorganisms and moist. And oxygen is all around us ;) Nonetheless, this still is a smarter and much more sustainable solution than cardboard/paper sleeves.
  • NIFTY can be made in all sizes. So are you looking for a NIFTY for your Ice cream cups (the kids and parents love this!), or for your To Go Soups, Oats, yogurts or salat Bowles and the likes, then give us a call or an email ;)
  • We'll gladly come speak with you too! Just email us with a when, where and with whom? And of course with any questons you might have.
  • #Warning: NIFTY changes human behavior!  Our studies have shown that more and more NIFTY users make it to the trash can with their waste! Think of that!
  • ##warning: NIFTY is addictive.Our most common feedback is "Once you go NIFTY, You never go back". Meaning - NIFTY users say they get very annoyed with their To Go Cups not having a NIFTY once they have had a To Go experience with one.