NIFTY is reusable - in average +50 times.

      Reduces your business costs - like, wouldn’t you rather spend your hard-earned money on…well YOU!

      Company branding - your brand DNA all the way


      NIFTY+ is ever lasting.

      Made of 100% real leather cut offs - to reduce material waste.

      Adjustable in size - fits all your standard 2-go cups and thermo cups.


      Here’s just a few things NIFTY users and business owners have to say about it:  

      “Ohh my that’s so smart!”

      “Where have you been all my life”

      “Yaaas! Now I can easily carry my 2-go cup with busy hands”

      “This is brilliant. Our guests can carry more cups in one hand!”

      “Wow, now I can safely bike with my 2-go coffee!”

      “I can easily drink and eat on the go!”

      "I love that it's reusable"