Ali Saleh, Country Manager. Hotel Chocolat Denmark.

Østergade 13, 1100 Copenhagen K


“We at Hotel Chocolat are proud, to be one of the first in Denmark to officially launch NIFTY.

First at our city store café, followed by our To-Go café in FRB Centre, in our popup shop in Tivoli during Halloween and Christmas 2017. Latest in our newly opened To-Go café at RO’s Torv and Bruns Gallery in Århus.

The guest’s reactions say it all and therefor NIFTY has become a regular part of our To-Go service.

NIFTY is easy to store, it’s a perfect conversation topic with our guests, as well as giving us a lot of social media coverage as our guests are snapping pictures of it from the second it’s handed over to them.

NIFTY is smart, NIFTY is brilliant, NIFTY is the To-Go future!”


Mina Lewis & Jonathan Zagouri, Owners. Zaggis 

Frederiksborggade 43, 1371 Copenhagen K


“NIFTY is as sent from above!

We have many biking customers in our café and they love using this little genius trinket on their way to work. We will not be without it!”


Adam Gormak, Owner. The Sandwich. 

Njalsgade 10, 2300 Copenhagen S


“We care about sustainable solutions, it’s a must for us!

We’re very close to offices, schools and shopping. Guests getting lunch for their colleagues, students coming after school with their school bags and so on.

NIFTY is for them and us a very sustainable To-Go service. They reuse them!”


Denise Mellin, Owner. Lez Events.

Råhuset, Onkel Dannys Plads 7. 1711 Copenhagen V. 


“It has become a whole new bar experience for our guests and our staff.

That one person can effortlessly bring drinks for 8 friends is genius! And it’s even fun to dance with!”


Rasmus Holst, owner. Our Copenhagen Events. 

Here and there, around Copenhagen. 


“NIFTY creates an additional experience-economic dimension for our products, which we love, and our guests are crazy about it!

NIFTY is practically smart on-the-go, but equally important it kicks the conversation off between our guests and our bartenders – Ohh my, what is that, that’s really smart!”