NIFTY Is doing something quite amazing, it's making earthlings aware of their behavior and making them take responsibility.  


"I must honestly admit, that ever since I started using NIFTY I've not once dumped my cup in a random place because it became unhandy.

It's also led me to be aware of other areas in my daily life where I've been slacking and hurting mother earth"

Ali Saleh.





It’s very important for us that NIFTY’s material is the most durable and sustainable for the whole life cycle and so, the reason for our choice of recycled plastic.


Did you know, that the overall environmental benefits of working with recycled plastic out ways the production and use of paper & recycled paper. So if your concerned about global warming, recycled plastics are the way to go!


Plastic is a byproduct of natural gasses, oils and coals, which all earthlings use on a daily basis.


The oils and gasses go through a refining process, so they can be used as gasoline for your car, heating for your home, gas for your cooking stove, and so on.


The by-product you are left with, after the refining process, is then heated and treated to become plastic as you now it – chains of atoms linked together.

These chains are called Polymers and that’s why many plastics start with poly.


It is important to know that only 4-6% of all the oil and gas used in Europe is for plastic,

whereas 42% is used for heating & electricity and 45% is used for transport.


Production of plastic vs paper, bio & compostable plastic:


  • uses a whopping 2.2 times less non-renewable resources.
  • Emits 3.1 times less greenhouse gasses– herein carbon emissions.
  • Emits 2.7 times less acid gasses.
  • Uses 4.7 times less water vs paper in production.
  • Recycled plastic requires 40% less energy than making the plastic or paper from scratch.
  • Lighter weighted cargo uses less fuel during transportation, and plastic ways much less that paper and cardboard. The heavier the cargo the more fuel is needed, by car, ship and airplane, which leads to a higher environmental impact.
  • The tonnage of waste is much less as plastic ways and fill way less.



"I've become so aware of not asking for paper or carboard since I understood why NIFTY is made of recycled plastic."

Katrine Jensen