"We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". Albert Einstein.
NIFTY reduces massive amounts of single use 2-Go cup sleeves and carrier trays while helping you save $$$ on your costs.
    • This functional handle with its ICONIC shape lets you carry more cups in one hand with great ease – while also letting you carry the cup if the drink is too hot or to cold, eliminating the need for a single use cup sleeve, or a tissue to wrap around the cold drink.
    • This reduces your costs on single use To-Go packaging and gives you street visibility, over and over and over. NIFTY is turning heads like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson walking down the street.
    • This saves our planet and environment for a lot of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gasses, as the production of paper, recycled or not, emits a much higher environmental impact vs recycled plastic.
    • 3.1 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions, herein carbon emissions and methane emissions, when making plastic vs. paper.
    • 2.7 times fewer acid gas emissions in the production of plastic vs paper and other conventional plastic alternatives ie. bioplastic. 


    NIFTY is being reused more than 10 times by the guests – as it’s durable, easy to use and easy to store away, in a wallet, bag or pocket.  
      • This massively lowers the need and use of single use cup sleeves and cup carrier trays, which no one ever saved to reuse. These cause much more harm in their full Life Cycle Assessments, which means, the overall environmental impact a product or material has, from the point of production, through shipping, to consumer use and ending with disposal or recycling.

      • Think of all the paper, or should we say trees, water, chemicals and energy (gas, oils and coals) that has gone into the making of these single use cup sleeves and the carrier trays, for them to be used only once.

      • 4.7 times less water is used, in the overall production when you make plastic vs paper and other plastic alternatives such as compostable plastic. 

      • Lighter weighted cargo uses less fuel during transportation, and plastic ways much less that paper and cardboard. The heavier the cargo the more fuel is needed, by car, ship and airplane, which leads to a higher environmental impact.

      • The tonnage of waste is much less as plastic ways and fills way less. This again reduces greenhouse gasses in shipping and waste management. 

      NIFTY is making people hit the trash bin with bulls-eye precision – like Robin Hood!
      • Its purpose of easy carrying is encouraging earthlings to walk to a trash bin with their waste - as it’s no longer inconvenient to carry the empty cup, even with full hands.

      • Which leads to much less garbage Islands in our oceans and landfills and more plastic for us to reuse. Just as NIFTY is using recycled plastic.

      •  40% less energy is needed when making recycled plastic vs making paper from scratch.