NIFTY Large - 0.52 DKK per unit Ex VAT. Minimum order 200 units

Regular price 104,00 kr

NIFTY - A 2-Go Sleeve designed to earn you money, not cost you money.

Increases your add on sales! Eating and drinking on the go made much easier!

Takes up way less storage space vs traditional sleeves/cup cozies and trays.

NIFTY lets your guest carry their smoothie (drinks) with ease! This little light weight and easy to use 2-Go tool with a handle will have them revisiting your cafe over and over and over again. Because you make 2-Going easy, smart and sustainable.

NIFTY is the most sustainable 2-Go solution - a cup cozie designed for multiple use - 10 times at least!

It's addictive. Once you go NIFTY you never go back! ;)