NIFTY Small - 200 pcs

Regular price 170,00 kr
  • The To Go Cup sleeve with handle that helps your guests and brings them back to You.
    Why? Becuase You´re the one offering them the most handy dandy, pleasant, convininent, easy to carry and most sustainable To Go experience eeeveeer!
  • NIFTY is designed for easy carrying, With 1 cup, 2, 3,4..and more. Especially for bikers, commuters and travellers.
  • It barely takes up storage space at your café and is designed with a clear intention for and purpose of reusing!
  • Yes! You read correctly! NIFTY is reusable, up to more than 10 times. You just have to treat it well ;)
  • Sustainablity while enjoying is key, dont you see!
  • Made of recyled plastic - with the purpose and intention of reducing plastic waste, of course.
    • It can *carry up to 767 gram - Tested on a full ceramic To Go Mug, however we strongly advice that it only be used on paper and plastic cups. There, it’s stated ;)
    • Measure the top of your cups and choose which colors/sizes are right for you.
    • For more info: Press the image to your left.